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Referral agencies can apply for BRIS on behalf of an individual using the online application form, and include a Income and Expenditure statement, and any relevant supporting evidence. 

If the application is passed, the team will contact both the referral partner and the client. We will then organise order and delivery of the items. All payments are done directly by BRIS, so at no point does any money change hands. 

How does BRIS work?

What does BRIS cover?

BRIS covers essential household items. This can be white goods, cookers, washing machines, fridges and freezers. We can also cover household items such as beds and bedding, kitchen items (kettles, microwave, pans etc). We can also cover carpets.

What doesn't BRIS cover?

BRIS does not grant money to individuals, but instead grants appropriate items. We do not cover deposits, rent payments. We also cannot cover ​one off emergency expenses.

Who is eligible for BRIS?

Each application is decided on a case by case basis. The applicant must live in Wirral, and be facing financial hardship. 

What is 'supporting evidence' and Income and Expenditure?

Supporting evidence is anything relevant to the application. This could be medical letters, a benefits letter, or supporting letter from referral partners, or those working with the family and individual. In order to make a decision and make sure wrap around support is provided we need to see a monthly Income and Expenditure log.

Who are the 'third parites' my data may be shared with?

In order to make sure BRIS reaches those most in need, and to avoid duplication, all applicants are checked against Wirral Councils welfare system. This allows us to ensure BRIS is the right solution for each individual, and duplicate support isn't being given. Where explicitly requested in the application, we will also share information with partners who may offer be able to offer further support. 

We only take applications, via our online form. For more information, please email

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